Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sheffield School of Interior Design

It was a goal of mine to finish the Sheffield School of Interior design program while we were stationed in Kansas.  Thankfully, I met my deadline, even if just by the skin of my teeth.

Here are a couple of the rooms that I submitted for my final project...you will see that this living room is reminiscent of our current Fort Drum living room: 

This was supposed to be a formal dining room for a 'pretend' client that was given to us...

Thanks to the My CAA program for putting me through this program to promote portable careers for military spouses!

Fireworks Family Room

When we were moving to Fort Drum, I couldn't shake my obsession with Albert Hadley's Fireworks wallpaper.  How could I do something similar for a lot less money? 

How exciting to find Fireworks in one of my favorite stores for constant inspiration, Kate Spade!

I figured I would attempt a custom stencil.  I bought the biggest plastic quilting template I could find, which was only 18x24".  I then got to work tracing and cutting with an Exacto knife.  Let's just say I have never been good with those in the first place and I DEFINITELY hope I don't have the need to use one anytime in the near or far future. 

I spent lots of hours and glasses of wine cutting/carving/messing up.  But, I finished.

I somewhat avoided starting when we moved in.  Let's just say, slowest process ever.  After using entire stencil for the first column of the room, I quickly realized that I would only be using about 60% of the stencil on the rest of the columns due to the way the pattern fell.  Sweet. 

I also have never stenciled before which is very clear when you let you eye start where I started and follow around to the end.  I didn't clean off the stencil between paint sessions - rookie mistake.  The pattern is much darker/bolder at the beginning than it is at the end.

In the process...

I was certainly ready to celebrate when I finally finished!

A DIY sunburst that I learned about from Jenny...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fort Drum Interior Decorating Contest - 1st Place!

When a sweet friend recommended that I enter the Fort Drum Interior Decorating contest, I decided I would go for it.  It was good motivation to get a few things done that I was wanting to do anyway.  Then, another friend with super photography skills so generously agreed to help me get some snaps of the house.

I was in Syracuse running errands and got a call from our Community Center telling me I could pick up my gift card.  Hmmmm....I asked, 'Is this for the Interior Decorating Contest?  Did I place?'  She said, 'Oh, I am so sorry...I thought you already knew - you got first place ($500 to Pier 1)!'

The news totally made my day.

We were only allowed to submit five pictures.  Sarah took some amazing shots, lots of incredible detailed ones.  I am such a detail junkie, it was hard for me to not use all those shots, but given the few pics we could send in, I felt that they had to be of the whole room.

Here are the pictures that I submitted...

The Family Room...
Boys' Bedroom...

Dining Room...

Eat In Kitchen...

Living Room...

Small victories, friends.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Twin's nursery

I have had the privilege of helping some friends design some rooms lately.  April and I spent lots of time creating a space that she loves for their sweet new additions, Addyson and Kynley.


I started this entry close to two years ago.  What an awesomely consistent blogger I am.  Ha!  Back to the nursery for the twins.  Brandon is an amazingly helpful and detail oriented husband.  He also loves NEUTRALS.  He is all over anything khaki, khaki, or more khaki.  So, when we broached the subject of pink walls, he was pretty hesitant, and not sure he was ever going to speak to me again.  While painting, he was sure there were holes burning through his retinas. 

this pink definitely has more spunk than Brandon's preferred khaki...
April and I concurred that a favorite part was the fabric for the curtains.  Home run.  I had the privilege of seeing them somewhat recently in DC, and we still agree.  Three cheers for the curtains!  Rocker is from April's childhood.  Twin owl pillow looks on :)

sweet hats from Etsy...I gave the girls these antlers after giving them a good coat of white paint...

 more paint chip art...

I made them birth art and designed art for a quote that April wanted to make sure to incorporate into the nursery.  The owls are copies of precious onesies for the girls.
Gotta love Brandon - he was so super exact when hanging the gallery wall.  I need to hire him to fix all my wonky gallery walls.
Love the whimsical NY art...and the curtains.  We took off closet door and added a curtain.  Much more practical with space constraints.

April and Brandon's utensils from their childhoods.  Love the history.

 April just LOVES me for trying to make her have living plants in their house.  Many plants have rested in peace, but we will forge ahead. 

This was such a fun adventure, all done out of love. 

The fun part is they have baby #4 on the way - and a BOY!  Time to start talking new nursery :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Inspiration - West Bottoms

My friend clued me into the West Bottoms...once a month, a dozen or so stores open up for a weekend of treasure hunting.  I was lucky to get some time to myself yesterday, so I went and soaked it all in.  My little brain was on overload from so many inspiring little pretties. 

My ebay and CL search lists have just exploded with all the things I will be looking for :)

Here were a few of the things that got me going...

 old flashcards...

 have been wanting to try this....like PB kids...
 can't seem to get enough of MCM lamps...
 Swoon.  I will never stop loving these.  Wish I could get one for a STEAL!
 the architectural elements were some of the most beautiful things I saw yesterday...
 love the pool balls...my mom did a fun display with some mini ones at her house...
 Yes.  I am looking for a large disco ball.
 lockers on the brain.  Potential bookshelf for sean - then could be toy storage later?!
 vintage tool bag - awesome toy storage?  want one for under my coffee table.
 Krissy - this reminded me of your grandma :)
 always a sucker for a white display.
 checking out these metal spacers as potential risers for bookshelves?

 loved the globe display.
 I couldn't stop coming back to check out this art deco fixture...
 this whole set was only $30!
 liked the deer covered in maps...
 if there was one totally useless but drop dead gorgeous thing I would have bought, it would have been this bottle.  A-MAZING.
 still thinking about this tray - should have bought it.
 really have a thing for silver bowls with a pretty color lining...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Craigslist find - Eames Chairs/Tulip Table

My tolerant husband high-tailed it out to an estate sale with me on one of our last days on vacation in Michigan.  We snatched up a tulip table and four Eames style chairs.  I was wishing for a white tulip table and white chairs, but for the price, we could not pass this up.  Good thing we already had to get a u-Haul :)

I contemplated painting the table, but because of the different surfaces, I decided I would probably ruin it in the process, so we will embrace the table as is :)

I spent too much time searching for fabrics...of course immediately drawn to geometrics, but then wanting something easy to wipe clean with kids (faux leather, vinyl, oil cloth), then looked into laminating the fabric either by a service or by myself.  UGH.  Too difficult.  Just want them to be ready when we get to Kansas.

Randomly stopped in at a Jo-Ann fabrics yesterday and stumbled upon some houndstooth suiting fabric. After seeing my friend's houndstooth upholstered chairs, I have been hooked and wanting something on houndstooth ever since.  I liked the large scale of this print as it made it feel a little more modern to me.

My mom helped me this morning, and I couldn't be more happy that they are done.  Now...stain proofing this material....hmmm, I see a lot of moments of frustration with myself in the future as I know these won't be fun to clean.  That's why I bought extra fabric :)